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we live a beautiful world

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WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! [14 Jun 2003|11:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]



Which I happened to pay 40 buckos for at the U2-fest-thingy today. As my Bro would say, "You paid howmuch for that?! But it's a lemon!" Yes, but that doesn't matter because I have been searching for it for years AND I just happened to have 60 bucks in my pocket which I did not spend at the Coldplay concert so I thought, what the hell, why not buy a lemon?

So now. I am happy.

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Coldplaaaay.... [11 Jun 2003|11:43pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I am now officially a Coldplay groupie...or....whatever. They're amazing.
And so....
Tower city amphitheater----a tent sandwiched between the nasty Cuyahoga river and an old warehouse. (What the hell, why not put a tent there?)
Jess and I got good places in line, seizing the opportunity to view the enormous amount of crap floating about the river. (There was A LOT of condoms...)
We heard soundcheck, which was absolutely fantastic. We ended up in the 3rd row, yeah that's right 3rd row. I happened to be standing next to a guy who would practically have a seizure at the drop of a note. Amusing.
I cannot express the joy of being in the 3rd row. Chris looked at me. *drool* I could see everyone's faces. Woo.
Chris came out, and before he sat at the piano, bowed to the audience. How cute is that?! They play A rush of blood to the head AND Amsterdam!! It was wonderful. I was so happy to hear them. Oddly enough, the set was in the same order as it was in Pitt (with of course, the exception of the new songs),
I can't remember anymore....need sleeeeeep.
Coldplay are fantastic, and I love them.

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'talk dirty to a priest, it makes him human at least.' [09 May 2003|12:08am]
[ mood | okay ]

Jason's getting married. He invited me. You may be asking yourself, as I am, 'What the hell?' He must be getting married for one of three reasons. 1) this girl's pregnant, 2) he's become so horny that he can no longer take the thought of not getting any and therefore feels he must get married, OR 3) he's insane. I'm going with the latter.

I really really really really wish we were still going to London. This after I realize how obsessed with the bbc I really am. Damn. How I wish I could still go. The mecca of Brit pop culture. *drool* Ah, well I'll end up there eventually.

I have Coldplay tickets. Rock. This is going to be fantastic. I can't wait.

Feeder, Hard Rock Cafe in Pitt. Wed. May 28. Anyone interested?

Radio 1

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[29 Mar 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

'cos my head just aches
when I think of
the things that I shouldn't have done
but life is for living, we all know
and I dont wanna live it alone...

right on...

I have decided to enter some feisanna. I've got the urge to prove myself as a dancer.
It's odd...when I first started dancing I wanted to do it because it's beautiful. Now I still want to do it because it's beautiful, but I also need to compete and compare myself with the other dancers. I need competition.

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[26 Dec 2002|12:13am]
[ mood | relieved ]






How fantastic is that?
My mum got me 'London for Dummies' and a TEAPOT!!
I went with mum and dad to see The Two Towers today. Did I mention....Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom...*thud* *drool* WOW! It was good. I'm still debating about which one I like more, but Helm's Deep was fantastic.
I got a pope doll. Yes, that's right, a pope doll---fully jointed and equipped with accessories. Score.


*look at the stars, look how they shine for you*

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"I'll just say this to the British government, you know what you've done....." --Ivan Cooper [28 Nov 2002|12:56am]
Go see Bloody Sunday. Now. Go.
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[19 Nov 2002|12:29am]
holy shit. i've just had a revelation.

i've been talking with jason for a few weeks now, and there's been no fighting, no flirting. NOTHING. just lame conversation.
heh. take away the drama and i'm bored. i've been feeding off of that for a while. well shit....
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*SHAZAAAM!* [01 Nov 2002|02:02am]
Kelli says:
Kelli says:
Kelli says:

Casey says:
Kelli says:
Casey says:
Kelli says:
Casey says:
Kelli says:
Casey says:
Casey says:
Kelli says:
Casey says:
Kelli says:
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it's not me...it's you [05 Oct 2002|09:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yes, I am still here. *woo*

Kel and I watched A Walk to Remember the other night....BAAAAAAAD idea when you're single and lonely. But other than that, it's a beautiful story and I highly recommend it. So stop reading this and go rent it....now...go.

Shithead's got a new girlfriend. (you know the drill). He'll stop talking to me until they start having problems, and then he'll start missing me. Whatever.

I want love. (does it even exist?) Really bad. It's aching.

I'm digging this guy at school...but...urm....there's a little something in the way. Heh.
*It's nice to be liked for being Catholic, for once*

I'm back at O'Hare and I'll be competing soon. I'm so excited. On the first day of classes I got completely lost...(following my dad's directions). I ended up in Talmadge, got on 77 south and thirty minutes later I arrived. I went in, danced a ceili, and left. BUT on my way out, being so stressed/flustered, I slammed into this kid's car. Naturally I'm like 'oh fuck.' So I went back inside to hunt down Tim. (Who happens to be the World Champion of Irish dance...and quite cute :) ) I find him and tell him the details and we walk outside. He's all 'Oh, that's fine. My car's a piece of crap anyway. Have a good night.' Not only did I back into a car, I just so happened to back into the car of the guy that will probably be the next Michael Flatley. Beautiful. At least he was cool about it.

Theeeeeee Yankees lose. :)

Go see this

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*new york, london, paris, munich, everybody talk about pop music* [19 Aug 2002|01:30am]
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*i'm gonna buy a gun and start a war. if you can tell me something worth fighting for* [15 Aug 2002|11:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]


*i've realized that the main reason i don't feel like going back to school is because i don't want to deal with certain people. woopty freckin doo...so what? why should i let people have control of me like that? that whole reason makes me sound like i'm a whiny six year old. just because *certain* people have their heads up their asses doesn't mean i have to let them get to me. dammit.

*the fact that i'm still thinking about jason just tells me that i really need to get outta here. school will hopefully be a welcome change. blaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

*shandon sweeney is fat. so fat in fact, that i didn't even recognize her until she came up to the register (which brian and i have no damn idea how to work...).

*brian's gonna come be a stripper with me.

*the real world scares the shit out of me

*go listen to this . it's wonderful

that is all.

**focail leat**

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........................... [15 Aug 2002|09:09pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

so you never knew love until you crossed the line of grace
and you never felt wanted till you had someone slap your face
so you never felt alive until you almost wasted away

you had to win
you couldn't just pass
the smartest ass
at the top of the class
your flying colours
your family tree
and all your lessons in history

please... please... please get up off your knees...
please... please... leave me out of this

so you never knew how low you'd stoop to make that call
and you never knew what was on the ground till they made you crawl
so you never knew that the heaven you keep you stole

your catholic blues
your convent shoes
your stick on tattoos
now they're making the news
your holy war
your northern star
your sermon on the mount
from the boot of your car

please...please... please get up off your knees
please...please... leave me out of this please

so love is hard and love is tough
but love is not what you're thinking of

september... streets capsizing... spilling over down the drain
...shards of glass splinters like rain but you could only feel your own pain...

october... talking getting nowhere... November... December...
are we just starting again...?

so love is big bigger than us
but love is not what you're thinking of
IT'S what lovers deal it's what lovers steal
you know i've found it hard to recieve
'cause you my love I could never believe

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wyd pictures...from the toronto star...woo.. [01 Aug 2002|12:39am]

We're in there somewhere....

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**john paul II -- we love you!** [01 Aug 2002|12:28am]
Ahh...World Youth Day. I really have no words to describe how amazing it was...I'll just say it was the best experience EVER. I saw the pope.... I cried along with the other 200,000 people. I had to sit on Sean's shoulders, and he's just a little white dot in my pictures, but I still saw him!

The crowds were huge! I met lots of Irish people :). (It turns out Sean and I both have the same obsession...mwa ha ha) Sean and I met this group from Cork, a guy and a couple of girls. I talked to the guy for awhile. He was really nice. His accent was so thick I couldn't understand him at times. *drool* I got a hug from one of the girls because I gave her a football...rockin. Sean says to the group, "My family's supposedly from Ireland." The guy retorts, "Isn't everyone's?" Beautiful. I've always been (and still kind of am) intimidated to talk to people from Ireland. I always thought they would get easily annoyed because they attract so much attention. People, even if they have no interest in Irish culture, just come up and talk just for the mere fact that they're *from* Ireland. ...If that made sense. After we finished talking, I went with Sean to buy an Irish flag. He walked around for awhile with it draped around his shoulders...you wouldn't believe the attention we got. After we rejoined our group some guy saw the flag and asked us to gather around it for a picture...he was happy until we opened our mouths. He says sadly, "Oh, you're not from Ireland." If I had a buck for everytime I heard that that day....

I met two really groovy people on the way over...Jon-Paul and Laura. They're a blast to be around. I hope we stay in touch.

I met a girl on the subway from Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan? Yeah, that's right, you heard me. I gave her a pin she was really happy. It's amazing how something like that can make someone's day.

Saturday we walked a few miles to Downsview, where the papal mass was to be held. It was a really cool experience despite the fact that it was hot and we had heavy packs to carry with us. It's something I'll never forget. When we finally got there we had to set up camp...no tents allowed. We were a third of the way back from the altar...which was pretty far considering there were a million people there. The pope came for a vigil prayer service which was pretty awesome...especially at night when each of us had candles. (I caught myself on fire...only because my candle fell out of its holder ;) ) After the vigil everyone hung out...various groups were dancing and singing. It was awesome. Let me skip ahead to 4 in the morning when I am sleeping fairly well, when all of the sudden it starts raining. Wonderful..... Luckily the rain only lasted about five minutes. BUT...skip ahead again to 6 when there is a lovely mornng downpour...and it keeps raining until about 10. So...imagine...no tents...a few umbrellas, and everyone's stuff rolled up in muddy tarps. I was wearing a garbage bag and managed to cram myself under an umbrella. I still got drenched. I'd have to say I enjoyed the beginning of mass the best...when the pope was flying in. The choir sung all these beautiful songs...the alleluia chorus being the best. It was just awesome...that whole scene. It was the most amazing thing ever and I'll never forget it. Needless to say I've got a dandy cold from all that rain and junk, but it was SO worth it. :)

*viva la papa!*

"Trust Jesus because He trusts you." --- Pope John Paul II
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adventures in baltimore [16 Jul 2002|03:06pm]
Going to Baltimore is always interesting....we always, every year, find some way to get hopelessly lost. My mother, unlike me, hates the big city, hates all the people, and hates the traffic, so she's always moody. This year...we were trying to find somewhere to park to go to the Inner Harbor, but everything was full. So we ended up driving around for at least an hour narrowly avoiding accidents because my dad seems to forget that like every street but four is one way. Once we finally got parked we went shopping...woo. When we got to our hotel...I went outside for awhile...I love the city, especially Baltimore. (I'm gonna intern with the O's :) )
It was bobble head night at Camden Yards. And, by some stroke of luck, we managed to get all 3. I got Gibby...he rocks my socks. I watched BP with my dad (like we always do.) Usually I can pick out who everyone is just by watching. BUT since this whole 'play the kids thing' and the fact that I hadn't seen a game yet this year. I only noticed Scott (who I didn't waste all my film on, for once.) I watched Gibby hit, he was on fire. I loooove Gibby. I got my crab cake....mmmmmmm. We had these seats in lower reserve that put us under an overhang so basically we could see the field, but not the rest of the park. They sucked...so about the fourth inning we moved to the UPPER deck, and missed Bordick (who I also looove) and Gibby's rallies. We grabbed these seats in the uppers right behind an entire row of guys...cute ones too. AND one of them was a Brit. ;) I couldn't see home plate, but I really didn't care because we were out of that damn section and away from these incredibly annoying men with absolutely no social skills. Gibby eventually moved out to left field, which was where we had moved to. So that was cool.
Sidney Ponson pitched *sigh* That boy has his days, and I guess last night was one of them because he managed to get the win 6-5. Hargrove used 4 pitchers in 2 innings, the closer being Jorge Julio, the Armando Benitez of 2002. He did his job though, 3 up, 3 down. Heh...I miss Cal...and Moose...and....
I love Baltimore. :)
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ooooooohhhhhhhh....i'm 19 [12 Jul 2002|12:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

Went to "da burgh" today. To the South side ethnic festival...or whatever it was. It was pretty awesome...they had some pretty neat shit for sale. Then we went to Station Square where I found myself in a very lovely Irish store. With *gasp* an Irish man behind the counter. *drool* Toronto is gonna rock....
Y'know...I must say...driving from Ohio to PA is such a bitch. You're in Ohio for what, five minutes and then you're in PA for like two hours. Something's not right with that....
On the way back my mother, who at this point was very tired of driving in the damn car, kept bitching about my ice cream cake melting. Mmmmm...ice cream cake. When I got home I had a short convo with Jason about him still being in love with me...riiiiiiiiiight. Then I headed to the mall to meet Sean, Jess and Ellie. We ended up going to Eastwood. We went to Max & Erma's for dinner and I got a free birthday brownie and a purple balloon. *joy* On the way home we almost died many times...but it was still fun.
Great day. Woo. Cleveland Irish Cultural festival next weekend AND Baltimore on Monday. Woot!


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*sigh* [08 Jul 2002|03:12pm]
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

You don't know how you took it
You just know what you've got
Oh Lordy you've been stealing
From the thieves and you got caught
In the headlights of a stretch car
You're a star

Dressing like your sister
Living like a tart
If they don't know what you're doing
Babe it must be art
You're a headache
In a suitcase
You're a star

Don't be shy
You don't have to go blind
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

You don't know how you got here
You just know you want out
Believing in yourself
Almost as much as you doubt
You're a big smash
You wear it like a rash

Oh Don't be shy
It takes a crowd to cry
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

They want you to be Jesus
To go down on one knee
But they want their money back
If you're alive at 33
And you're turning tricks
With your crucifix
You're a star

Oh child.
Of course you're not shy
You don't have to deny it
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"Man, the way this silverware is rolled makes em look like giant doobies." [08 Jul 2002|01:06am]
My ghillies came. I can't fit my foot inside. Ahh well...that's what returns are for.
Jason decided that he wanted to bitch and moan about how he can't get a girl to me today. He can definitely get a girl, it's just his stupid ass that keeps breaking up with them. I have my own theories..

babs1801: dammit, why are boys so
cailiosa35: because they like to fuck with our
babs1801: they just need to die
cailiosa35: ...or that too
cailiosa35: lol.
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well then [04 Jul 2002|04:18am]
[ mood | confused ]

Jason just left my front porch. We sat there and talked for three hours..about NOTHING. I told him everything. You'd think I'd feel better, but I really don't. I still don't know where he belongs. I can say I'm not attracted to him at this point, but then again it's JASON. Needless to say....miss dental hygenist is over with and he's back to me and I'm trying to decide whether I care. I mean he's my friend, and if he wasn't he obviously would not have been sitting on my porch with me for hours in the middle of the night. I don't know....I don't know...I don't know.

*I do know where you go is where I wanna be. Where are you going?*

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fuzzy animals and cars... [30 Jun 2002|11:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I haven't heard from Jason since he told me about miss dental hygenist. Which just confirms that fact that all I am to him is a convience. Watch him crawl back when something goes wrong between them...idiot.
I got to work with Matt this weekend. I'm diggin him. ;) Sooo....last night on my way to work I hit some fat furry thing with a tail, I think it was a gopher or something, but anyway I hit that sucker pretty damn hard. I look in my mirror and there it goes running across the street...heh...at least I managed some how not to kill it. I worked the whole night outside, which was fine until some idiot woman came looking for some seating for 20. I laughed at her, but she sat in the huge party room...so all was ok UNTIL the six most obnoxious women on the planet came through. Let's just say...six fat women, alcohol, dancing, bitchiness, and A LOT of screaming. Get the picture?
THEN...I was outside cleaning up when I got asked out by a biker who must have been at least 40. I laughed at him and then ran away. Why can't normal people hit on me? And THEN on the way home it decided it wanted to be foggy outside...which caused my windows to fog up...so I go to turn on the defroster and the knob breaks off...mmmmppppffff. The best weekend EVER....
Joe just called me from Utah. What the hell? He just decided to drive out there. He's special....



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